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Lionfish Tech Advisors Welcomes John Girard

WILMINGTON, DE. January 1, 2022. -- Lionfish Tech Advisors, a global analyst advisory firm, today announced the appointment of John Girard, former Distinguished VP analyst at Gartner, Inc. and veteran technology analyst to the advisory team.  

“On behalf of the entire Lionfish Tech Advisors team, we warmly welcome Mr. Girard and look forward to tapping his wealth of global knowledge and critical competitive analysis to help vendors grow and succeed,” said Chief Executive Officer Rob Smith. “His experience in so many areas of cyber security business development and successful forecasting of user wants, and needs are a major asset to our organization. Mr. Girard will serve as a technical business development advisor to our portfolio of cyber security companies.” 

Over the past 30 years, many global companies and technology end-users relied on Mr. Girard trusted experience and expertise as a leading technology analyst. He successfully advised hundreds of vendors in multiple markets on how to build competitive advantage, refine product offerings, and communicate value to customers and stakeholders. In his most recent role, Mr. Girard served as Distinguished VP analyst at Gartner, Inc., where he played a key role in the development and progress of many markets and practices, most notably in PC/Mac encryption, Emergency Notification Systems, Personal Firewalls, SSL VPN, Mobile Device Management, Virtual Office Ergonomics, and Telework. During his tenure, he also published and presented world-renowned technical analysis and forecast reports, global conference talks, workshops, videos, and personalized client consultations. 

Prior to Gartner, Mr. Girard co-founded an Expert Systems Project Group at Pacific Bell where he managed the building of fault prediction systems for real-time data center maintenance, and held a lead role in testing critical path programs affected by the AT&T divestiture. 

Mr. Girard brings his expertise to Lionfish Tech Advisors with the objective of helping vendors of all sizes to prioritize and communicate their superior values in cyber security markets. "I am an end user at heart, and with that mindset, I make every effort to help companies deliver technology that improves our digital lives,” says Mr. Girard.  

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