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Lionfish Tech Advisors welcomes Stanley Zaffos

WILMINGTON, DE. June 16, 2022. -- Lionfish Tech Advisors, a global analyst advisory firm, is pleased to announce that Stanley Zaffos, a former Research VP at Gartner and Senior Vice President of Marketing at Infinidat, has joined our team as an Advisor for storage infrastructure companies.

“Zaffos’ 40 years of experience in both vendor and analyst roles has provided him the knowledge, insights, and perspective needed to help vendors align their product plans, marketing programs, and support offerings with user wants and needs,” said Chief Executive Officer Rob Smith.

As an analyst, Zaffos has published research in many areas, including all flash arrays (AFAs), software-defined storage, human-computer interaction (HCI), emerging storage technologies, AI business analytics, digital business initiatives, and application portfolio management. He has authored Magic Quadrants for General Purpose Storage Arrays and companion Critical Capabilities notes and is a seasoned global presenter.

Prior to entering the storage industry, Zaffos worked as an R&D engineer in the aerospace industry designing and modeling power supplies, autopilots, and guidance and control electronics, optimizing satellite launch times and orbit parameters, and the producibility of various systems.

Zaffos’ pragmatic guidance and counsel on the importance of ease-of-use, ecosystem breadth, post-sales support, and competitive acquisitions creates opportunities for vendors to gain market share by helping end-users to optimize IT operations.

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