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    30+ years experience as an IT and Information Security leader


    Gartner Research Director – 10 years

    • Lead Analyst for 5G, Telco Cloud, Telco Cybersecurity
    • Authored Magic Quadrants, Critical Capabilities, Hype Cycles, Cool Vendors, and Market Guides
    • Reputation for providing unfiltered advice offering actionable results

    CTO / Founder / Chief Architect: 3G/4G: Siemens Mobile, 2G/WiFi: Calypso Wireless, DevSecOps: Kovair, 5G: Motivitee

    • Co-Author of what could be the basis for 6G, to OfCom
    • Presented on SCADA IP and 5G to the IEEE and Canada’s NRC in Nov. 2019
    • Presented on 5G and Cybersecurity to the ISC2.org in Jan. 2021, with 6G Quantum Encryption to NIST, OfCom
    • An original engineer at Nortel’s ObjecTime, Telelogic/DOORS which became IBM Rational Suite


    • Telecom Managed Security Services
    • 5G/IoT: Cloud Computing
    • Cloud security – with DevSecOps
    • 6G
    • Value Stream Management
    • iPaaS: integration Platform as a Service with ZTNA
    • CDN with Security