• 25 years in Strategy, Security, and Leadership Development for the private sector, academia, government, and the non-profit community.

    • Fulbright Scholar and former Presidential Management Fellow
    • Carnegie Mellon University
      • Senior Member of the Technical Staff - Exo-Endoparacologist
      • Created a Cyber Intelligence Sharing Coalition for 20 Fortune 100 companies.
    • Leadership roles in the Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomatic domains, improvisational acting, and storytelling
    • Highly successful coaching for startups, small and medium size cyber security vendors

    Gartner MVP - 4 years

    Led multiple research teams on CISO Effectiveness, Cyber Judgement, and organizational development. Coverage areas:

    • Hybrid warfare, Strategic Cyber Intelligence, CISO Effectiveness, Security Function Structure, the nexus between the internal and external threat.

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