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    Gartner Vice President - 25 years (including period at META Group)

    • European team leader, Agenda Manger, seven-time Symposium Chair and three-time Digital Workplace Summit Chair
    • Authored Magic Quadrants and Market Guides for EFSS, WebConferencing, Content Management, and Social Software in theWorkplace
    • Lead analyst for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workplace and Workplace from Facebook
    • Symposium keynote speaker four times
    • Authored several Maverick presentations
    • Received several thought leadership and other awards
    • Director of product management at Uniface International (4GL Startup)
    • Speaks English, Dutch, French and (some) German


    • Digital workplace
    • Future of Work
    • Collaboration
    • EFSS and Content Management
    • Digital Experience Management
    • VDI and DaaS
    • Cloud Computing
    • Go to Market strategies
    • Product marketing and messaging