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    22 years experience as an IT, governance and information security leader including 3.5 years as Gartner Research Director.

    • Gartner – Research Director
    • EMC and AlgoSec – Pre-Sales/Sales
    • xMillion Capital + NDA VC group - VC Advisory
    • Rubrik - Market Intelligence


    • VC advisor, IT analyst, marketing, sales, presales, competitive and market intelligence specialist
    • Discovering and bringing to market new technologies
    • Backup and recovery, archiving, storage technologies
    • CIO research
    • Predicting the future of the hybrid workplace
    • Properly delivering a cloud journey while not deploying new debt
    • Aligning priorities to differentiating technologies
    • Governance and regulatory compliance
    • Published on PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR
    • Network security – Firewall and Routers
    • Application connectivity migration
    • Secure change management
    • Cloud security - CASB / SWG / ZTNA / SASE
    • Speaks native US English, fluent in German, with an excellent cultural awareness throughout EMEA.

    Business Quote:

    “I believe that men are here to grow themselves into the best good that they can be – at least, this is what I want to do.” - John Coltrane


    About me:

    I seek to understand the context of the client’s needs and place it into the larger contextualized picture of the market. My cross-disciplinary experience allows me to see beyond and deliver just that.


    Advice for vendors:

    Seeing the future doesn’t make you a visionary until after the market has validated the vision. Thinking that the future is already here and the company product, sales, and marketing strategy is just misunderstood is one of the biggest fallacies that hold companies back.