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    • Gartner Senior Research Director – 3 years
      • Developed Digital Health Platform reference model
      • Authored Competitive Landscape for Digital Health Platforms, Market Guide for Digital Health Platforms
      • Track record of high impact, actionable advice to tech company clients
    • 25 years experience in health IT and health technology
      • 6 years leading IT for healthcare providers (inpatient, outpatient, and academic medical settings)
      • 10 years at Dell Technologies as a product manager and technologist
      • 9 years medical device R&D
    • Certified Healthcare Chief Information Officer, College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME)
    • Expertise includes:
      • Product Marketing and Management: Product market fit, new market creation, market sizing, pricing models, positioning and messaging to buyers
      • Technologies: Cloud computing, radiology and imaging systems, precision health/genomics, virtual care/telehealth, data and analytics, interoperability
      • HIPAA and data privacy

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