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    40 years experience in IT


    Gartner, Inc. - 22 years
    Research VP in Gartner Infrastructure and Operations Management.
    Authored Magic Quadrants for general purpose storage arrays and companion Critical Capabilities notes.
    Global presenter and author of executive briefings, research notes, workshops, Summit and Symposium presentations.


    Amdahl/Fujitsu - 12 years

    Managed and conducted competitive analysis research.


    Areas of Expertise

    Deep industry knowledge for all flash arrays (AFAs), software-defined storage, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), emerging storage technologies, AI business analytics, digital business initiatives, and application portfolio management.


    Prior to entering the storage industry, worked as an R&D engineer in the aerospace industry designing and modeling power supplies, autopilots, and guidance and control electronics, optimizing satellite launch times and orbit parameters, and the producibility of various systems.


    What motivates me?

    Vendors need pragmatic guidance and counsel on the importance of ease-of-use, ecosystem breadth, post-sales support, and competitive acquisitions so that end users are getting products and services that really help them to optimize IT operations.


    Favorite quote