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    37 years experience in IT


    Freelance Consultant - 2 years

    Helping customers with IT market, technologies and business issues.


    Gartner Senior Research Director, Analyst - 10 years

    Authored over 20 Magic Quadrants and Critical Capabilities

    Additional research included Market Clock, Hype Cycles, Market Guides, Cool Vendors.

    Presented at Gartner Symposiums, I&O Conferences, Keynotes at product launches and vendor conferences.

    Launched the Flash Array/Solid State Array Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities.

    Wrote and proposed the first papers on Integrated Systems which were initially called Vertically Integrated Systems.


    Sun Microsystems - 10 years

    EMEA - Chief Storage Architect/Storage Practice Consultant

    Designed worlds largest SAN for German Bank

    Designed, tested configuration and architecture for HA Metro 100km Sun Cluster over fibre and multiprotocol WDMs/DWDMs

    Professional Services Manager - Northern Europe

    Business Development Manager - Storage Business, Northern and Eastern Europe

    Business Development Manager - High End Servers, Northern and Eastern Europe


    Royal Bank of Scotland - 10 years

    IBM MVS Mainframe System Programmer

    Installing, debugging IBM Mainframe software and hardware problems.

    Team Leader/Senior IBM System Programmer, hardware/software selection/purchasing.

    Implemented first STK robotic tape libraries at RBoS

    Senior Technical Analyst - Unix and open systems.

    Designing, implementing Unix systems, Oracle relational databases, Unix Applications, debugging and system troubleshooting for Treasury and Capital Markets.

    Unix HP/Sun hardware and open systems software, hardware selection/purchasing.

    Implemented first EMC Symmetrix systems at RBOS with remote replication/mirroring.

    UK Government/Central Electricity Generating Board - 3 yrs

    Worked as IBM Systems Programmer on IBM, Amdahl and HDS mainframes.

    Security systems, storage and mainframe software installation, debugging and troubleshooting.



    Datacenter Infrastructure and Operations

    Storage systems, storage software, integrated systems

    IT Technology, market analyst, competitive and market intelligence.

    Have worked all over EMEA, met and helped 1000’s of IT companies worldwide.

    IT business, marketing, GTM, channel, sales, purchasing, negotiations and purchasing/pricing review.


    What Motivates me?

    Solving problems, creating and designing solutions, learning new ideas, skills and technologies. Doing what people tell me cannot be done.


    About me

    I like to help companies buy, sell, purchase, design and create the best, simple to use, most reliable and most elegant computer systems.


    Advice to vendors

    Customer requirements and problems are the most important, keep solutions, products simple, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade and beautiful.


    Favourite Quote

    For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.

    - Richard P Feynman.