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    William J. Malik

    50 years’ experience in IT


    • Gartner Vice President, Analyst & Agenda Manager – 13 years (1990 – 2001, 2008 – 2010)
    • Led Gartner Information Security Strategies service, and Application Integration and Middleware Strategies service. Founded and led Gartner Information Security conferences worldwide
    • Authored Magic Quadrants, Cool Vendors, and over 180 research reports including “Client Server and Cooperative Processing” and “Enterprise-Wide Security”
    • Spoke at Gartner, end user, and vendor events and industry conferences including RSA, ISC2, ISACA, and CES

    Other Experience

    • Wrote code for major insurance company and IBM mainframe OS MVS. Designed test and build process for major operating system releases. Coordinated dependencies and release schedules for 24 IBM hardware and software labs.
    • Served as CTO of Identity Management startup Waveset, sold to Sun for $175M.
    • Worked as enterprise architect on AIG’s datacenter consolidation initiative, merging 30 global data centers into 3 megacenters including many P2P and P2V migrations and data base redesign for improved throughput, backup, and restore on contemporary platforms.
    • Installed custom sudo in AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and Android for IdM startup.
    • Led forensic investigation of major investment bank during the largest MBO in history.
    • Audited NYSDOT and major NASDAQ trading firm for regulatory compliance, continuity of operations, and information security.
    • Senior partner of big 4 accounting firm, demonstrated expertise in COBIT, CMMi, SDLC, and ITIL.
    • Assisted DoD on FDCCI, serving on IEC 62443 standards committee.

    Expertise includes


    Cybersecurity, identity management, business continuity, data center migration and relocation, policy and program design and rollout, systems management optimization, privacy and trustworthiness in IT, quality in SDLC, effective SBOM use, ICS security, supply chain risk management, Infrastructure and Operations organizational design and staffing, ITIL deployment, capability maturity model assessment, efficiency in IT operations, information security awareness and training, project planning, team building, global infrastructure optimization, IT help desk, data center productivity and metrics.


    What motivates me? Solving hard problems

    Quote: “If you want new ideas, read old books” – Dr. Ivan Pavlov